Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello? Can you hear me?

We are all alive over here!  Life got in the way of blogging and my lack of picture taking didn't help reinforce the fact that I need to start blogging again.  Well nothing too interesting has happened between September of 2010 and now.  Enjoyed Halloween, T-Day, X-Mas and New Years.

Ohhhh Ohhh so the BFF who has been living in England and then went to Hawaii (thanks to the Air force!) is now back in the same time zone as me lol.  I now don't have to worry about waking her up when I call or text!!  She and her 3 boys flew in Thanksgiving night and came over on Black Friday to have a T-Day celebration with us.  I made my first T-Day meal all on my own.  Didn't turn out too bad I must say so lol.

I decided to cook X-Mas dinner myself this year.  BIG freaking mistake!  Never again, that is unless it is just for Chloe, my guy and I lol.  I didn't judge my time very well and I screwed up a couple recipes lol.  Oh and didn't help that I missed out on Chloe opening up all her gifts from the family because I was stuck in the kitchen :(.  But that morning before everyone came over my guy decided to spoil Chloe and I with a Wii for X-Mas and the Wii Fit accessories for us to use.  I've used it a couple times since then but I really need to get into more of a routine with it.  However we are definitely getting our use out of it with the Wii Sports game and Netflix hooked up to it. Chloes one gift that she wanted so bad from Santa was a yellow scooter.  I looked high and low and couldn't bring myself to pay $100 to have a yellow scooter shipped to my house lol.  Santa came through though and got her a pink Barbie scooter.  Leave it to my little girl to not want pink (even though the last 2 years all she has wanted was pink stuff lol) and want yellow then blue.  My dad and myself went in together and got my guy a tool box for X-Mas.  It is still in the box in the garage.  I need to get a move on and finish cleaning the garage out so he can set it up.

New Years Eve was nothing to hoot about.  In the last 3 years my guy and I have been together we have never had a fun filled New Years Eve night.  The first year he had to work and left an hour or 2 before midnight.  The next year we just stayed in bed and slept and then last year he was over seas.  This time I cooked dinner, Chloe's dad came over to hang out for a bit and we watched the count down at Time Square.  Neither one of us were awake when it finally struck midnight here lol.  I'm hoping this years New Years Eve is a lot more festive.

In hair news I've flat ironed twice!  I know, I know not good lol.  But besides that and the occasional silicone infested curl cream use (but for the record I just bought that curl cream maybe a month ago).  I've stuck with my no sulfates and no silicone's thing.  Last week after not dying my hair since April, I decided to go back to red.  I've gotten so many compliments on my hair color it's insane!!!!!  My guy is not pleased with my love of red hair dye though.  But you are who you are!  I've been dying my hair on and off since I was 16 people!!!!  I don't see myself ever really giving up hair dye until I'm old and decrepit lol.

Besides all that and every day life of school for Chloe and work for the guy and I nothing interesting has happened.  I've been in a bit of a lull or depressive state you could say lately.  Over night I went from being okay with my one little girl to wanting to have another baby.  I know in my head that right now is probably not the best time financially but in my heart I just crave to have another little baby growing inside me.  It doesn't help that a lot of people I know are having babies right now or have just had them.  I'm hoping in another year or 2 I can be one of them excited to share the news of a new little wonder to bring into this world.  But who knows if I can get my guy on the same page as I?

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